About us

Our journey

Azorfisk was born as part of Scanfisk, with the intention of offering customers a unique experience in the purchase of fish. In 2015, we embarked on the challenge of providing a service of excellence, based on innovation, rigor and environmental preservation.

Since then we have been focused on selecting the best fish, through cooperation with the local fishing community and through respect for international sustainability policies.

We work to add value to fishing and to satisfy and meet our customers' expectations with the freshest fish on the market.

What we believe in

A Sustainable Vision

Sustainability is a constant in Azorfisk's operations. We recognize the value of sustainable fishing and as such we respect marine ecosystems and ensure the balance of the oceans.

We manage resources responsibly and conscientiously in order to conserve biodiversity and protect ecosystems. We support a fishing model that provides the best fish while promoting the ocean's biodiversity.

Buy fish, respecting the integrity of the oceans!

The reflection of our dedication


Sabor do Ano 2020

Azorfisk was awarded for Best Squid, as flavour of the year.

Marca Açores

The fish from the Azores islands is certified by the local authorities, which guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the fish.


The Azores archipelago was the first in the world to be certified for its fully preserved marine ecosystem under the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program.

IFS Food

Azorfisk has been certified by IFS Food. This certification guarantees safety, authenticity and quality, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and excellence.


Our mission

Azorfisk values a dignified and upright performance, so we are committed to sustainability and support fair fishing. We oppose the recurrent practices internationally known as IUU - illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Ethics and Commitment

What sets us apart

We present 100% of the provenance of the fish, be it the name of the boats, the declaration of the captains, the fishing techniques, and we also provide all the legal documents, duly signed by the Portuguese authorities.

We work in full transparency and intend to work with projects on Blockchain Technology. You can check the origin of the fish, through the QR Code.


Our base

The fishing community is at the heart of Azorfisk. It is important to focus on their protection and to establish transparent contracts with them in order to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

In this sense, Azorfisk collaborates with Portuguese authorities, aiming to defend fishermen, traditional boats and the ocean. We also work to fish using less intrusive techniques, for example hook and line and rod, always respecting international fishing quotas.


That help us grow

With the fishermen

Azorfisk is privileged to develop and agree long-term contracts with fishermen, fostering trust between all parties.

With the authorities

Our working method drives several partnerships, with local and international fishing authorities.

With customers

98% of our customers return to order our products, which demonstrates the excellence of the service provided, the high qualification of the team, and shows that we meet the highest standards of customer demand.

Our greatest goal

Single Quality

Because we view our customers as our partners, we strive to offer them the highest quality in the market. We have a fully dedicated team that supervises the supply chain to ensure that the fish reaches the customer as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality.

Any doubts left?

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