The origin of a fish
of excellence


A Azorfisk

We ensure
a unique
fish buying experience!

About us

Hand in hand with the passion for the oceans, Azorfisk was born in 2015, with the aim of offering the best fish. With roots in the Azorean islands, but with our eyes set on the world, we have been expanding and broadening horizons.

Azorfisk is governed by high quality standards. We combine the use of sustainable fishing with modern manufacturing processes, while fully respecting ecosystems and oceans. We ensure a unique fish buying experience!

IFS Food

Azorfisk has been certified by IFS Food. This certification guarantees safety, authenticity and quality, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and excellence.

The reflection of our dedication


Sabor do Ano 2020
Marca Açores
IFS Food


All details matter


Maximum freshness,
all the flavor
and the best quality

We are guided by the quality and unmistakable flavor of our fish. We rigorously select a wide variety of species so that we can, on a daily basis, provide you with the absolute freshness of the sea.

Dive into this immensity of flavors and get to know the essence of our fish on a plate, by the hands of the best chefs!


Your partner of choice!

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