Grilled Greater Amberjack with herb sauce on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed vegetables


500gr of Greater Amberjack
Enough salt
Enough black pepper
Enough olive oil
Enough pea shoots

Sweet potato puree:
600gr sweet potato
80gr butter
100ml orange juice
Enough salt
Enough black pepper

Sautéed vegetables:
50gr zucchini
50gr carrot
20gr leek
20gr red bell pepper
20gr red onion
20gr cherry tomatoes
Enough salt
Enough black pepper
Enough oregano


Herb sauce:
100ml butter
50gr chopped garlic
50ml lemon juice
2gr chopped rosemary
2gr chopped thyme


Start by cutting the Greater Amberjack into 250g slices, season with salt, black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Heat a grill, grill the lily and set aside. Bake the sweet potato, greased with salt, at 180º for 30 minutes or until cooked, let it cool a little and peel it. Put it in a blender and add the butter and orange juice and blend until it's a creamy puree. Check the seasoning. Cut the vegetables into half-moons, add olive oil to a frying pan, let it heat up and sauté the vegetables one at a time. Season with salt, black pepper and oregano. Put the butter in a pan, let it melt, add the garlic and fry. Then add the lemon juice, bring to the boil and turn off the heat. Finally add the herbs.

Put the mashed sweet potato on a plate, place the Greater Amberjack on top and the vegetables behind it. Drizzle the herb sauce over the lily and finally add the pea shoots.

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