A mission in the works: Azorfisk strives for quality and rigor every day

Within Azorfisk it is possible to point out several elements that are easily identifiable with the company. The mission is simple: to strive for the integrity of the oceans and to practice fishing with integrity and responsibility. It is in this sense that Azorfisk navigates every day, always in order to provide its customers with the best products.

Moreover, Azorfisk rejects any practice of illegal and unregulated fishing. These types of actions are not in line with the company's founding principles and its vision of the industry. The practice of sustainable and fair fishing is the way to go for everyone's success.

For this reason, the techniques applied to the fish marketed by Azorfisk are also the least intrusive possible, from the hook or line and the rod. However, sustainability is not only in the fishing activity itself. The defense of traditional boats, fishermen and also of a sustainable ocean, always allied to the other pillars of the Azorfisk line of action, are essential elements for the pursuit of an excellent service.

In this adventure, as the company calls it, the main character will always be the fishermen. It is for them that Azorfisk works and, to this end, enters into long-term contracts with them to ensure stability and financial sustainability as far as possible in this sector.

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