Azores archipelago first to receive the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination seal

Sustainability is the word on the agenda all over the world. Companies are constantly setting new sustainability goals for themselves, as are governments and associations that want to be at the forefront of this issue. EarthCheck is dedicated to fighting bad decisions and policies that do not meet sustainability standards.

Within its guidelines, EarthCheck has a certification program for sustainable destinations, giving certain places the title of EarthCheck Sustainable Destination. This certification is based on scientific data and evidence of the commitment to sustainability of these destinations, something that has proven to be of great relevance to tourists.

The Azores was the first archipelago to receive this distinction. In terms of impact, having this seal of sustainability gives credibility to the destination in question and can revert the economic benefits to the community. Moreover, it can be used as a marketing and publicity tool by localities and municipalities to promote regional tourism.

After this distinction is awarded, and as it is maintained over the years, the levels of certification increase through a scale. The first level, which goes up to 4 years, is Silver. The Gold level is awarded to sites that acquired the certificate 9 years ago, and from there, until it reaches 14 years, it goes to the Platinum level. Finally, those with 15 years or more of EarthCheck Sustainable Destination are assigned the highest level: Master.

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